A Hike With A View

When you think of Florida, you might think of place that’s relatively flat, with marshes, swamps, beaches, and so forth. But while hiking in the Timucuan Preserve, located in the Ft. Caroline region of Jacksonville, I discovered that there some pretty big hills to be scaled in our own backyard. The hike is filled with a few twists and turns, and there are some question vegetation that can be encountered along the way.



I came across different animals, sand, shell, and wooded paths, and a few other hikers along the way. There are different routes that you can take, and there are ample places to stop and take a rest, or to read about the storied history of the settling of our area.

One thing you’ll notice after some research on the Timucuan Preserve, you will see that it is broken up into different sections along a vast area of a few miles, separated by marsh, roads, highways, and the St. John’s river. On this particular day, I cam across the area of the Ribault Column.

In a way it’s fitting. The view at Ribault’s Column lends itself wonderfully to deep insight, thought and retrospect. Perhaps one can spend that time pondering the copious amounts of blood shed between Spanish, French, and Native bodies. All in the pursuit of conquering new lands.


You can take paths that are shorter, or you can meander along different paths that can take you an hour or two to fully take in and appreciate. However, when it was all said and done, I came across one of the best views in Jacksonville. The vast view and quiet surrounding really fits with the storied past and deadly tales that fill the air of the Timucuan Preserve.

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