Post Spark Walk

So how many people went to the Spark Walk……..A LOT. When I say I couldn’t find a parking spot I mean I ended up way out at the Prime Osbourne and had to ride the tram to Hemming Park, then it took 10 min to get through the crowd to get to the street to walk down to see everyone’s booths. Granted I should have parked down at the Convention Center from the get go I figured I’m showing up two hours before it was supposed to officially start I should be good I was so wrong. Everyone from the Jacksonville Sharks to the Suns to State Farm was out on the roads of Spark Walk. I ate lunch at the happy grilled cheese. I heard so many rave reviews about it it cost me 9 dollars for a specialty grilled cheese and some fries for me it wasn’t worth the price but I also don’t like grilled cheese ….. Yes yes I know then why eat there. Answer…. I don’t know it wasn’t bad just not for me. What I did get from a food truck and ABSOLUTELY loved and was worth the money was a Watermelon Hibiscus  Popsicle from the Hyppo. It is 4 dollars for one popsicle but all ingredients are fresh and unprocessed. It is moan worthy lol. 

Anyone else go? What places did you stop by? What was your take on them? 


About kianamcgowan

I am 20 years old and a junior at FSCJ. My goal in life is to work in some area of criminal justice. I have a passion for the mystery and problem solving that comes with everything in life.
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