Spark Walk and One Spark

For the last three years Jacksonville has been one of the destinations for this fabulous event showcasing inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs of Jacksonville and surrounding areas as well. This year it is being held on April 6th- 7th; this year it has been drastically cut in the amount of time that they have it for the previous years it was a week long and this year only two days are given. You are going to see many creative and insane inventions and its gonna be food truck mania with food trucks being parked in various places along with the regular restaurants that are in the hemming park area. 

Come check it out in the hemming park area you can’t miss it. It will be the area cut off and packed with people and tables. There is parking around the event its self or you can park down at the Prime Osbourne Convention Center and ride the tram  down to hemming park for guaranteed hassle-free parking.


About kianamcgowan

I am 20 years old and a junior at FSCJ. My goal in life is to work in some area of criminal justice. I have a passion for the mystery and problem solving that comes with everything in life.
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