The Baldwin Trail


On the west side of Jacksonville rests the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail. It is one of the area’s oldest continually traversed routes. It goes from a dense pine forest to swamps to oak laden hammocks. It is beautiful.

There are many birds neatened along the way. On any given day a traveler along the trail will see ospreys, hawks, brown eagles, and kingfishers in the trees and sky. On the trail floor are wild rabbits, gopher tortoises, and alligators, in the swampy parts.
The Imeson Rd. trail-head is the starting point for a round trip. Here you’ll find the first of several restroom facilities and benches along the trail. This also marks the start of a separate equestrian trail, for horses, that runs in the adjacent tree line.

Midway along the trail is the Camp Milton Historic Preserve area. Once it was home to the largest encampment of Confederate troops during the Civil War, the site now includes the remains of a mile-long defensive works and a re-creation of a late 19th-century homestead.

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