St. Johns Town Center trip turns book shopping



Yesterday it started out nice and warm, I decided hey why not make a trip out of dropping my siblings off at the Town Center into my trip to the Town Center, but Jacksonville being Jacksonville that turned into an utter failure.

One store into the trip it starts pouring rain, if you been to the Town Center you know it’s easier to walk it since you won’t find parking each time you move without wasting 15 minutes looking for another spot. Well, I decided, “yup not walking in this; time to go.” I hate wasting a trip when I decide to go out since I’m a home body, so I thought about activities to do….movies (nope, gonna be crowded since it’s a weekend)… go out to eat (nope, eating alone is just sad)… books (yep, I need some new material to read and stockpile).

Before I left the Town Center I went into Barnes and Noble. That was not as successful as I hoped. I didn’t find any books that interested me that I didn’t already have – that never happens. So I left for Book-a-Million. I left with all the books I could carry… they have buggies, but let’s be real, if I shop with a buggie I will leave with hundreds of dollars worth of books versus the 50 that I left with on this trip.



About kianamcgowan

I am 20 years old and a junior at FSCJ. My goal in life is to work in some area of criminal justice. I have a passion for the mystery and problem solving that comes with everything in life.
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