Jacksonville Arboretum



One of the more interesting places to visit if you’re interested walking trails, and discovering new species of trees would be the Jacksonville Arboretum. Located just north of Interstate 295 and Monument road, the Jacksonville Arboretum offers a vast variety of wildlife, trails, and opportunities to even see some alligators.

The park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes free parking and bathroom facilities. There are multiple trails that cover different distances. One of the things that sets these trails apart from other ones around Jacksonville would be the variety of species that one can meet while they are there. Most of the trees and bushes around the trails have markers that specify what variety of plant they are. There are trails that take you to more wooded areas, and some that will take you along creeks that are a part of the area as well.

The Arboretum is well maintained, and there are many signs around that asks visitors to do their part to help keep the trails clean. They also do a pretty good job of organically keeping visitors informed of what plants are around them. There are a lot of species there, but it is presented in a way that is not at all overwhelming.

Also, the center piece of the arboretum would be the pond that sits just down from the parking lot. It’s filled with many species of plants, fish, and even has some signs that say alligators ma frequent the area. There is a nice sheltered area next to the pond that makes for great photo opportunities that have trails, water and wildlife in the background of the shot. imgcache065009350jpg.0

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